SKU : NXBACK160010

NAME : Backpack (D-35)

Size: 32*46*17cm
Material: Water-proof nylon, front with one upright zipper pocket, two main zipper pocket, side one small zipper pocket and one net pocket. Fit it 15.6"
Packaging: 10 pcs/ctn with polybag
Measurement: 47.5*61.5*36cm


NXBACK160013 Backpack (D-39) 82
NXBACK160012 Backpack (D6-46) 82
NXBACK160019 Backpack (D-7) 82
NXBACK170029 Backpack (LF-61) 82
BAG000160046 Backpack (S-39) 22
BACKPK160003 Backpack (S-57) 77
NXBACK160001 Backpack (S-59) 82
NXBACK160005 Backpack (S-93) 82
NXBACK170022 Laptop Anti-theft Backpack (S-67) 82
NXBACK180031 Laptop Backpack (S-81) 82
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