SKU : NXLAP0160006

NAME : Laptop Bag (S-93B) 2 in 1

2 in 1 Backpack & Carry Bag
Material: Nylon, 210D lining, Fits up to 15.6"
Product size: 42*34*9cm
Packaging: 12 pcs/ctn with individual polybag Measurement: 62*43*35cm


NXLAP0160012 Laptop backpack (D-01) 83
NXLAP0160011 Laptop backpack (D-02) 83
NXLAP0160001 Laptop Bag (L-LB15006) 83
LAP000160001 Laptop Bag (S-58B) 78
LAP000160002 Laptop Bag (S-58M) 78
NXLAP0160003 Laptop Bag (S-59A) 83
NXLAP0160004 Laptop Bag (S-59B) 83
NXLAP0160007 Laptop Bag (S-93C) 83
NXLAP0160008 Laptop Bag (S-94A) 83
NXLAP0160010 Versatile Sling Bag (S-94C) 83
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